Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Keeping in contact

Just had dinner with Z. Last I met him was at the airport in August. And before that, some time ago!

Was thinking on the bus back. I realise that despite the large number of friends of facebook and even my contact list on Pinky II, I’ve only been keeping in touch with a handful..

CY is the only primary school classmate that I’ve kept in close contact, of course. Used to meet the rest more regularly a few years ago. We even did a 团拜 one CNY! So I’m pretty happy that we’re meeting up this Friday :)

Apart from those with whom I went to NJ with, I’m afraid I’m not in regular contact with my secondary school mates..

KLK is special – I think they are collectively like CY #2, haha! Enough said :)

University... Well, I have this theory, that when people are overseas, away from loved ones, they tend to form friendships with people in similar circumstance. Sometimes, such friendships grow and grow regardless of where they are; other times, they dwindle, especially after people are reunited with loved ones back home. Perhaps I should be glad that I’m at least seeing some of them once a year or during weddings! I wonder how it’ll be like with the Kellogg bunch in future..

Z was one of a bunch of friends made during OBS back in summer 2000. Just 21 days in a little island.. And he came to my convocation with X, another girl from our watch but whom I’ve kind of lost contact with...

Work brought me other friends. Kind of in contact with a couple of ex-colleagues. Present colleagues – don’t know how until I really leave :p

It really takes a lot to maintain friendships. It takes even more to keep a family together. And with various work commitments, well, I think it’s a miracle that I’ve managed to keep in contact with more than a couple of people at all!

Facebook helps to a certain extent, since I can lie in bed and play with FB! And recently – in Evanston, not Sg :p – I’ve also got back to MSN after a long hiatus. But nothing beats a good dinner – or prata session, or KTV session! – to keep the friendship alive. And I’ve done / I’m doing all of these this month! Lucky me :)

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  1. Yeah, it's not easy. Especially after the things that bound us together e.g. school, work, activities, end. Helps a lot when both parties make the effort! ;) - Z


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