Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Taking a break..

From Montessori to mf-ism.. I'm already taking a break from my break as a 陪读 wife with Sito :p

So what have I been up to since I got back last, last Thursday? Unpacked and ran errands on Friday. Almost didn’t make the deadline for exams application! Found that the pound dropped a little more.. Oh well..

The first weekend was bustling with joy and activities as Kel and D got married – congrats!! :) I'm so happy for them, especially Kel - 终于把你嫁出去了! :p This was one of the most enjoyable weddings so far - good friends, and they had a lot of funny clips! And, I had an interesting role as a BROTHER!

That was before we put on our smart jackets.. Now, we are definitely 帅! Except for Kel, cos he is 庄严 :p

The gate crashing wasn’t too punishing but the result was rewarding.. I mean, Daphne all dolled up! Woohoo! That’s a sight! Kel 不知道哪里修来的福!

And talking about 福, YX also has a lot of that too lor! Check out the gf next to him!

But don’t worry, Sito. Your wife ain’t too bad – 28 positive comments on her FB photo with new hair cut! :)

Taken right after the haircut, during dinner with Yan, just before the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier on Tuesday!

It was so crowded but it was so good! Now I can’t wait for next summer – part 2! And after Montessori is over and done with, I’ll read book 7 for the third time :)

Wednesday was Hari Raya Haji – had lunch with CY at The White Rabbit when it was supposed to be brunch... I made a reservation for brunch over email and got immediate confirmation. Then when we got there, they said they weren’t open for brunch and that they emailed me about it the day before.. Eh, back in Sg, I’m not so free to check email every day. And, you mean you decide only one day before that you would open for lunch instead of brunch??

So we sat outside for an hour before they finally opened.. At least they gave us some drinks – it was a very very warm day... We tucked into a big lunch – with desserts! After all, this was to celebrate her big 30th! :) Spent the afternoon shopping – both of us got cosmetics, yeah!

Oh, on the way home, I was passing by Cold Storage when this angmoh in his mid 30s hit on me! Is it the hairstyle, or the angmoh? :p

Had a last minute dinner with Kel and YX. D joined us after, and we promptly lost her in the toilet... Our conclusion was that she was in the cubicle when I went in, and she came out when I was in and when the boys just went into their toilet.. So she went downstairs to look for us while we stayed upstairs to wait for her.. Um, confusing, nevermind! Just a duh moment that evening.. Ended the evening with some drinks and banana tempura with kaya dip – omg, that was good!

Had a family dinner the next day.. We had to struggle to finish the tofu and the roast duck cos Sito wasn’t there =/ Come home, come home, and we go to Crystal Jade together :)

Was still full when KLK met for prata! :p I realised that I really missed sitting around with these chaps and chatting over a drink or two :) Did a lot of that after the wedding the last weekend, and during the prata session. Quite happy =)

Yesterday, Na and I went for afternoon tea at the Ion. It felt really good to be out in the middle of the afternoon on a weekday! Haha! Oh, did I mention I went back to work? Part-time, that’s why I could be out in the afternoons :p So we chatted the entire afternoon away. One moment, I looked at my watch and it said 4 pm. The next time I looked at it again, it was 6 pm! Time, where did you go?? Then WL came by and the trio went to the food hall for dinner. Na didn’t really eat and I ate rubbish food cos we had a good tea :)

Just now, Sito skyped me from NYC! Happy :) Thanksgiving week is almost over, which means only two more weeks stand between us! Oh, and two more weeks between exams and me too.. Ok, back to study........

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