Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Fancy your husband in drag?

No, not in the bedroom! It was, well, in front of a few hundred people!

mf on Facebook: It's quite a weird and funny feeling watching your husband dance in drag...

And the comments:

Great performance!
N: He was damn good. You should be proud of him :)
mf: Oh yes, and they were runner-up! :)

In response to photo requests..
mf: No visual - don't want to make others jealous :) muy malo... incriminatorias! :p
M: Algunas fotos es mejor no publicarlascen Facebook, ja, ja, ja ;) (mf: some photos should not be published on Facebook :p)

With another wife whose husband danced in drag too
B: Yes it is! But you were so cute up there taking pictures!
mf: @B: Oh you must have too, right? Was just telling Sito I found a familiar bikini top on stage before I realised who that was! :p (mf: He was wearing hers which she wore in Costa Rica!)

Of course Sito’s hot, in drag and out!
KC: I wonder why Sito hasn’t commented on this chain yet. Btw, a few people were saying he was the hottest in the Poets' clan ;)
mf: Of course! I wouldn't settle for less :)
Sito: The pasty skin must have been the clincher.


Drag TG was one of the major TGs this quarter so I headed out with a few other JVs. Tried to find our respective husbands. Mine generally doesn’t pick up his calls so I just used eye power while the rest called. Some had more luck than the others but finally, I spotted Sito standing at the window upstairs – half naked! With Nat! Um...

We waved to each other :)

I couldn’t see the stage where I was standing so I moved upstairs to find my half-naked husband. It wasn’t the best spot cos it was right above the stage and we could see only the tops of the performers’ heads, but there was space.

See the crowd below?

Sito’s section started learning their dance that afternoon but when the Poets came on stage as "California Gurls", they were really good! And Sito could dance pretty well in a bikini top, a skirt and a wig!

Well done, boys!

PS: He wasn’t wearing my bikini!

PS2: Heard that they made the students do a lot of crazy things during orientation so as to level everyone - some kind of psychological thing. Guess that kind of extends beyond orientation to other activities here!

PS3 is in Sg :p

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