Sunday, 7 November 2010

Happy birthday to Sito :)

I made a little e-card for Sito, inviting him to a nice dinner – advance celebration of his grand 30th!

Didn’t mention the restaurant to him but the smart boy guessed it correctly.. But, I didn’t acknowledge until the sign loomed in front of us!




Went to the original one and found the menu a lot more pleasing to the eye (and the wallet!) compared to that in Sg..

Our menu had an interesting header: Happy Birthday, Mr Low!!!

I neglected to mention Sito’s name when I mentioned in the online reservation that it was my husband’s birthday. And they thought I took on his name.. Gaaar!

So, well, that night, it was Mr Low and Mrs Sito :)

Started with the warm onion bread!

We finished the whole thing... Later, they gave a loaf of the same size to a party of three next to us.. Did we feel bad? Um, no :) It was so warm and yummy! Tried to look up the recipe for the bread but couldn’t find =(

Ordered a starter – scallops wrapped with bacon and served with apricot chutney, which went up Sito’s nose much like wasabi! There were three - we were having the other two not in picture :p

Oh, but it was good..

So were our mains! Sito had prime rib and me, filet mignon, joyfully medium rare.. Had spinach with button mushrooms and hashbrown for sides... The spinach was less salty than the one we had in Sg – a good thing – while the hashbrown was more like a rosti.

Sito looked happy :)

The sour cream and bacon bits for the hashbrown arrived shortly after we took this picture. It was, in all, very sinful..

Then, sin level burst beyond the scale when the complimentary cake arrived!

Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to you!
Happy birthday to Sito Dear...
Happy birthday to you!

He made a wish. I didn’t ask :p Should I? :p

At the end of the dinner, our attendant gave us a photograph of us – so nice!

But, argh, it says Mr Low too! :p

Still, I suspect we’ll be back here again :)

Sito took me to Morton’s for my 30th too. But no photo by restaurant leh... And it was too dark in the restaurant for my iPhone camera to work. Took more photos of Oriental and our room instead :p

Comparing our experiences in Sg and the original, we felt MUCH fuller in Sg, even without eating as much as we did last night, although both times, we had to pack some food. Our appetite seemed to have grown! Thankfully we haven’t :p Maybe after a period of smaller meals, we are better able to take occasional big meals?

Still, we had so much leftover that today, I cooked leftover beef and hashbrown for lunch, topped up with vege pasta:

Happy :)

Update 24 Apr 2011
I was clearing the mac and found an old expenditure list - our first meal at Morton's in Sg costs $294! We only spent US$135 here, on roughly the same amount of food. Ouch.


  1. Only asians women won't follow their hubby's surnames but it's quite a common practice for the rest of the world to do otherwise. ^.^

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