Monday, 1 November 2010

Pretty and youthful mf

One warm sunny day, I walked my usual 15 min to the supermarket. Somewhere near the supermarket, this guy cycled towards me and said I looked good as he passed me! Oooh :) I smiled :)

Then in the supermarket, I was looking at fruits when a granny started talking to me, saying that she liked what I was wearing :)

And now to the meat section.. I was roaming with my cart when this happened:

Angmoh in his 30s (I guess): Excuse me, but are you Chinese?
mf: *hesitating* Yes..? *damn, I don't know nuts about Chinese culture etc!*
Angmoh: You’re beautiful *smiles*
mf: *stunned* Oh, thank you!

As I continued shopping, I was wondering, what’s up today man?!

Was it my plaits? My dress? My leggings??

I asked Sito. And he said it was probably my plaits. Bleah.

And perhaps a couple of weeks later, I went to a JV event – Thirsty Thursday! But I just had an apple crumble :) So I was chatting with the JVs around me.. Then at some point, we were talking about age, and upon hearing my age:

26-year-old girl: Really? I thought you were really young when you walked in just now, like 23 or 24..
24-year-old girl: I hope I look like that when I’m 30!

And over tea after dinner one day, on the topic of weight, a JV thought I was lighter :p And another time, another asked if I had always been like this (gesturing at the whole of me :p)..

mf: Like this? *blur*
S: Like naturally petite..

But I’m not petite by any measure back in Sg! In fact, my height puts me above average, and my overall size, I’m certainly not thin but I don’t need (although I want, just a little) to lose anything so I would say I’m also above average.

How not to feel happy, right? :)

Oh, on an earlier trip to the supermarket, this boy – like teenager boy, ok – said I had a “nice walk” as I overtook him on a quiet stretch. But that was a little sleazy so I ignored him :p

But actually, upon closer inspection of my face, I can see clogged pores! First facial in two weeks will be really painful =(

Oh yes, be going back to Sg in two weeks.. But I don’t want to leave Sito alone here with his packed schedule! I couldn’t help him with classes etc but at least now I can give a hand in the house so he doesn’t need to bother with the small things like cooking and taking out the trash.. But I won’t be able to do that for a while.. And I’ll be missing his birthday! :(

Poor Sito... He’ll miss his pretty wife and I’ll miss my cute husband.. Argh! Sappy!

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