Friday, 10 December 2010

Breakfast excursion

Woke very early today so thought I’d make a little excursion to the coffee shop we passed by on the day I moved in..

So this is where I’m staying now. And where Sito will be returning to :) The tall new building, not the old one blocking it...

I walked out to the main road and took a right. There’s a Montessori school across the road - JHS Childcare Centre. The sign looks so old I must take a photo of it :p

And I was rather taken with this shophouse among so many in the area.. Reminds me of an eatery I saw in a Taiwanese movie – very old-school and flavourful...

Digression: Why are there ants crawling on my keyboard?!

Passed by Mohamed Sultan Road. Can’t remember when I last went there! Ah, I feel old.. I was more tempted to check out the temple this morning *.*

Finally, I got to the coffee shop. The bak kut teh wasn’t open so I had laksa! Yes, laksa early in the morning! Think I last had it some years ago :p

And I love the chicken bowl!

This is quite an interesting neighbourhood. A mix of new and old. Like heritage old. Will try to make more excursions when I have the chance :)

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