Saturday, 11 December 2010

Ramblings on a Saturday afternoon

Two days ago, I was trying to pull my chair nearer to the table but somehow missed and hit my hand on the table edge. Today, the bruise feels incredible *.* And just now, I almost slipped in a DRY bathtub.

Like I always say, clumsiness cannot be cured..

Anyway, I just got back from an early lunch cos I was hungry :p Took a bus to Plaza Sing and got an errand done as well. Then I decided to walk back.

No, I didn't know the way, but GPS showed me :)

Along the way, I found a little carpark on Penang Road. Is that the carpark nearest to me? Cos this estate - actually, it's just a single block - has no parking facilities. Not for tenants at least.

Found Oxley Road and headed up, walking on the right side of the road. But guess what? That was the wrong side of the road - a gurkha directed me to walk on the other side. Oops.

Was happy to reach River Valley Road - it's a much more familiar sight. And shielded from the sun.

Now, I'm in the comfort of my room and procrastinating about going through the practical exercises...

Actually, this is pretty frustrating. After the first couple of weeks in Sg, I've been trying to study most of the time. So I didn't get to meet people much. After exams, I'll be busy with a "CCA" at work - will probably have to go into office most days next week. Then we must run errands at the dentist etc and buy stuff to comfort ourselves in winter :p But I just want to spend time leisurely with Sito before he gets busy with school again - watch movie, have tea, go shopping :) So apart from CY and KLK, it's family time man! Prioritisation is key when time is short.

Yes, time is short. I'd better get back to the practicals... Sighs!

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  1. You just walked past LKY's house!


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