Sunday, 12 December 2010

Three months later..

Sometimes I would forget that Grams had already left us. I mean, we still go to "grandma's house". It's always been "grandma's house" since we were kids :)

But today, I saw the chap put a badge with her photo and details on her urn. It was like, so..definite. As the badge was glued on, it very clearly dawned on me that Grams no longer lived in grandma's house.

There was a prayer ceremony at Bright Hill Temple to mark her 100th day of passing today. Then we went to the columbarium to pay our respects. That was when we found that the staff had not put on the badge and called for them. They wanted to put it on but couldn't unlock the gate - the family had changed the lock to a digital one as the old key to the gate broke! We were saying we should probably write the combination on a piece of paper and leave it inside the gate - so that they could come out if they wish to!

We like Grams. Her spirit lives on in her children, grandchildren, and hopefully her great-grandchildren who do not all have the chance to know her...

PS: Her third great-grandchild just said hi to the world! Yeah! :)

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  1. sometimes i forget too! i would come back from outside and looked at the seats at the playground below our block and see if grandma is sitting there... LOL


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