Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Fast forward two weeks..

Well well, my exams were over. Sito came back to Singapore that very night. And tonight, we’re going back to Evanston!

Time really flies.. We didn’t manage to do a lot in the past two weeks. After my exams, I was busy with a, um, CCA at work that week.

The weekend was fun – we went to RWS! We had a family room at Festive Hotel – I like the flower theme; even the “Do Not Disturb” sign was a flower ring instead of the usual card...

We had some time to roam about before dinner so we did..


And we watched a really bad HK movie starring Gigi Leung in the room before Dad fetched us to dinner, which was at Imperial Treasure at MBS. We got there earlier to head up to the 57th floor – CH was right, it was indeed the “Marina Bay Public Swimming Pool”! It was soooo crowded! Just that most people were touring the place, not swimming.. And it was so cold as well! How did those people swim there??

Proof of us having been there :p

The MBS casino from the restaurant corridor

We tried to take a bus back to RWS but figured we were better off taking a cab instead. As I gave our destination to the cabbie, a thought hit me – we were going from casino integrated resort to casino integrated resort *.*

We were so tired by then, with all the blood going to the stomach, that all we could do was laze in front of the TV watching a cartoon whose title I forgot.. Then Sito decided to get supper! :p It was good – 炸酱面 from Ruyi :) Then I fell asleep while he was in the shower. But I remember waking up and telling him we would meet Jie for breakfast the next day :p

While waiting for lunch, we watched a weird show, Anna Magdalena, starring Aaron Kwok as a bummer, amid other big names. But it was just weird.. Perhaps too artsy fartsy for my liking!

Anyway, all the waiting was because we had nothing to do while the others went to the casino! :p (And we were too lazy to venture further out :p) Nop, we’re not paying $100.. Odd that I dreamt about going to a casino last night.....

Lunch was a cozy affair at Chinois. We probably enjoyed our last trip there more than this cos we were still full from breakfast! Suddenly I could understand the pain of the foie gras on our plates.. Um, I meant, the pain of the duck or goose..

No other particularly exciting outings after that. We watched Rapunzel, which made me feel like I wanted my long hair back! Other stuff were just random..

Cute right? :)

And this! So old school! Found it at the National Skin Centre.

Went to AMK on 23 December and saw a Hokkien opera at the market. So interesting, and distinctly different from the Xmas glitter in Orchard!

Other major happenings included a farewell party for our office – changing identity and leadership, sighs.. I’m sad.. More on that later.. Celebrated my 31st birthday really early with CY – went to Minori where we ate a lot! And cos it was Christmas season, Santa Claus came out to play!

Also had a house party with KLK on Sunday that extended into dinner at Toa Payoh where we went to a 金店 to look at 四点金 for YX – yeah yeah! :) Had some wine that afternoon and ended up feeling a lot of pain during the foot reflexology session the next day, right where the liver spot was! =(

Apart from these, it was a whirlwind trying to settle admin stuff and buying supplies to bring back to Evanston. Sito had a procedure done to remove something on his skin. A fever followed him for the next few days, and amid all the errands and running about, I came down with a slight cold as well. But we’re now feeling healthy enough to endure the day-long flight! Just keeping our fingers crossed that our luggage will make it through – rather heavy, including a box of food! :p

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