Friday, 31 December 2010

Happy new year!

Well, I’m not too happy cos my nose is still itchy.. Been itchy since we got to Changi on Tuesday *.* Even my eye sockets are hurting =(

Nonetheless, I’m really excited about the coming year. This new year marks a new start for me – no exams nagging at the back of my mind! I’m really looking forward to doing a lot of things :)

a) Reading! Time to make use of my library card, catch up on some reading..
b) Spanish! Love how it sounds, can’t wait to pick it up again
c) Learning! Want to attend some classes at Kellogg, fill up my little brain
d) Writing! There’s mfism of course, and I also want to attempt to write the family history of my maternal family and translate the history of the Sito family!
e) Relaxing! Just hang around, have tea, watch dramas! Hohohoho!

Happy 2011 to everyone!

Update 2 Jan 2011
And getting fit! Brought back my book on pilates - should utilise it! Thanks to Z's reminder :p

1 comment:

  1. Happy New Year!

    What happened to your fitness plans? =p

    - Z


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