Thursday, 2 December 2010

Stress is building up..

It's official - I'm stressed!

It just shows how long I have not *really* studied..

The last time I was really stressed for exams was perhaps in secondary school. I had nine subjects - not too many but certainly not few either. And I hated geography. And I didn't understand most of my physics. And my Japanese was confounded after studying seven subjects in English and one in Chinese.

Studied a lot in JC and university but kind of cruised through the exams, although I obviously did much better for the former!

(I didn't know about stress in primary school. Reading Nancy Drew and Hans Christian Andersen was more important than exams!)

JLPT in 2008 was inconsequential so that didn't count. But I had ample time - a year - to prepare for that.

Now, Montessori! The one-year course was madness cos it was part-time two evenings a week in addition to work. And there was a lot of homework - compiling file and writing essays. I didn't think I managed to absorb much cos I was trying to meet deadlines all the time :(

Just got the question for my seen paper yesterday. I was praying that kind of question wouldn't come out. Oh well, better to come out in the seen paper than the unseen paper! My past essays covered some points so now I'm more than halfway through :) Going to the library this Saturday to do more research since I don't have all the books.

The trouble is for the unseen paper. Just did an old paper and I sucked really bad... I could hardly remember the theory for the modules and the sequence of the exercises :(

And on top of that, I have to memorise most of the 2,500 words for the seen paper!

I think I'm going to fail at least one paper - likely the unseen one - unless my brain doubles in size some time in the coming week. Or I take a lot of cashews. Or kettle chips.

AND, I just received two work assignments today. I like them. But they're both due *just* after exams. And I'm working part-time. So that I could have time to study. Ha..


Naaaah! It's not happening!

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