Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Being physically unaware..

I can't tell the difference between a bruise and muscle ache.

Pilates today was a lot of work. S couldn't make it today and we couldn't cancel 30 min before class so I showed up on my own. And I found that our instructor could be unusually relentless! And cos I was alone, we used this lone machine for some exercises - and I think that was what caused this pain below my elbow now.

It's right on the bone so when I press it, it hurts like a bruise hurts. But when I turn my hands to the position in class today, I can feel the pain too - muscle then? But it's just that end of the muscle for some reason..

I'll see what this develops into when morning comes.. For now, I'm going to relax for a while before heading out for S's birthday celebration at R's place! My Tuesday is set for some fun despite the silly nose and miserable weather!

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