Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Busy start to spring quarter

It's pretty warm in the house. My ice cream is sitting in front of me - I'm waiting for it to be softer before I dig in :p

It's the second week of spring quarter, and it's been really busy!

It started with Sito coming home :) With my new laptop, which sucks :( So after a few agonising days during which I reaffirmed my relationship with my old laptop, I chucked the new one away in the darkness of all our suitcases.

And I'm sitting in two classes this quarter - advertising strategy and successful entrepreneurship. That means six hours of classes every week, split into 4.5 on Mondays and 1.5 on Thursdays. I didn't buy the course packs but I figure that I won't have time to read the cases since I don't even have time to read the stuff in the online system! It's been real nice spending some time in school - I feel like a student all over again! And I made new friends too :)

Then, yesterday, in between classes at Starbucks, L was telling me that the acapella group had changed its meeting to Monday nights. So I joined in last night, and didn't get home until past 11 pm. I've never done acapella before. And I can't read scores. And I haven't auditioned with the lead who wasn't there last night. So I was singing with the altos and I was pretty lost! I was soprano 1 in my short month in choir many many years ago.. Hope I can still do soprano!

Digression: FM93.3 is playing 当夜轻轻落下! :)

And S and I are scheduled for pilates every Tuesday. My thighs were burning a lot in class today. I hope I get sore tomorrow - only then would I feel like I've worked out!! Next class, I shall aim to work my abs harder :)

(Seems like a good place to pause and keep the ice cream - been eating too much as I type..)

But the one thing that is taking up a lot of my time is my new blog! Yes, I have a new blog! (Again, if you recall the other new that I haven't updated for ages!!) But it's still 见不得人 as I'm still preparing it.. It's actually nothing new but an archive for my travels. The difficulty is in the years before 2005. Lucky for me, I had wanted to log my travels since the beginning so I had written many short notes and a few full-fledged logs. Without the notes, it wouldn't be possible to log everything as all my photos are in hardcopy and in Singapore!

After the travel blog, I'll seriously practise some translation and post them on yet another blog :p Must keep my mind occupied right? :)

I'm also busy preparing for two upcoming trips - DC this weekend and horse racing in the first week of May! More later :)

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