Sunday, 17 April 2011

Simple weekend, happy weekend :)

Bollywood Bash yesterday was full of good entertainment, food and fun! The snack at the intermission was like a full meal, and the dinner at the end of the show satisfied all curry cravings! The show itself had lots of fun dances and two hilarious skits - search youtube for Kellogg Bollywood Bash 2011. Sito left early for another party while I stayed on for the after party at the atrium. It brought me back to college days - I mean, dancing in school with loud music! :p The only difference was that I had some wine and beer instead of hard liquor :p

Slept at almost two but woke at 4 am when Sito came back from downtown, and again at 5.15 am cos it got bright, and finally at 9.30 am. Wished I could have slept more but it was the beginning of a good day!

Read the day's news online. Chatted with Na and Yan - Na commented that Sito and I were seeking "revenge" by partying after years of working! Cooked some porridge for lunch and watched an episode of The Simpsons on Hulu. Hopped out to the supermarket and limped back with a lot of food. With all that dancing last night and the walking and carrying of heavy items this afternoon, I'm feeling justified in not going to the gym despite all that ranting yesterday!

Made lasagne for dinner, inspired by what SZ did while I was at her place. It turned out yummy although it didn't look too good - I had been stingy with the cheese! I'll try again next week or something :)

And over dinner, we watched a bit of 康熙來了 - they are so funny! And she really made me want to have my long hair back.. The next time I say I want to cut my hair, please, stop me!

Now, I have a thick layer of facial mask on my face. I'm trying to maintain a routine of apply a mask every night - I want my beautiful skin back!

After removing the mask, I think I'll work on the long piece that I have been procrastinating writing.. My Singapore :)

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