Saturday, 16 April 2011

Stop bingeing!

I just watched Super Size Me and I’m scared =(

It isn’t that we eat a lot of fast food. Sito and I like Macs but we don’t have it more than once a week back home and very seldom here cos the nearest Macs is quite far off.

But since early March, I only did pilates about three times and walked for 30 min at the gym once or twice. I haven’t walked longer than 10 min at a time otherwise. Yet, I’ve been eating. A lot. And non-stop sometimes. Ice cream, chocolate, cookies, crisps, raw almonds. I even had a couple of sips of coke a week.

I can see that my face is rounder than before. My waist is also expanding at all sides. And last week, I noticed visible cellulite on the back of my thighs.

Yes, I’m very conscious. Have been so since I was a kid. Being the tallest in class as a very small kid, I stood out. Being the tallest girl in class as a teenager didn’t help either. I totally hate being the biggest girl among the girls I hang out with. That’s one reason I gave up on high heels; why stand out more??

The worst is being tall AND fat. Contrary to what some people like to say to me, gaining some weight because I’m tall is NOT ok!

I’ve decided. I’m still going to have my three meals, preferably at home. I can’t help being hungry in between meals so I’ll control my intake of raw almonds, bake less, and only eat ice cream when Sito is around cos he will control me.

I must eat *.*

But I’d better exercise more too.

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