Saturday, 30 April 2011

Special K!

Showing off the T-shirt I caught!

The Saucy Boys threw these into the audience during their song, and one flew right at me! Would have hit me in the head if I didn't catch it!

It was Special K!! Nop, not the cereals. It's a performance by Kellogg students.

Source: 32nd Special K!

Honestly, I was rather sceptical about it before tonight - I mean, a bunch of busy MBAs putting up such a long show? Well, apparently they just sacrificed sleep.. Familiar hur? :p

And it was so fun to watch. The songs were fun, the script was funny, the short videos were hilarious including faculty and children, and the film was simply cool - skydiving! And some people sang really well but the technical equipment could have been better.

Difficult to find videos cos of the cereals.. But to illustrate, they also produced a lipdub earlier in April - I would have joined if we didn't go to DC!

PS: The KNN in the Youtube video stands for Kellogg News Network, not the swear word...

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