Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Singapore DayS

Was looking through my blog archives and found that I blogged about Singapore Day 2007. So, let's carry on...

But I do realise it has been TWO YEARS since London and more since Melbourne! And suddenly, we're only 10 days from the next one in Shanghai! Oops, I have been lazy..

Melbourne 4 Oct 2008

Here's our promo car decal in a cab in Sg urging peeps here to spread the word to family and friends in Australia:

I wasn't involved in the planning, just the ops at the event itself as I had two big ticket items in August and September.. So there isn't much for me to say here except that this year, we were officially bangla - with bangla vests!

Saw this statue while familiarising ourselves with the grounds, and we couldn't resist doing the same!

When not on-site, we were huddled up in the secretariat room. We were smarter now - we got a (meeting) room! The last time, there was a point when all of us crowded into AA's hotel room to work together *.* But we really needed the meeting room as almost everyone had trouble connecting to the internet in our rooms..

I did VIP duties and got the chance to roam and take pictures while working :p And this has to be one of my favourites, taken at the MINDEF tent:

And some of us at the dinner - we got to dress up for work too hoho!

The dessert was lovely - check out the flag! Yes, I'm a happy Singaporean :)

Left the dinner early - work called... So I missed out on packing up and the group shot =(

By the time we gathered back at the hotel. it was late at night but we wouldn't miss a birthday! Picture of us celebrating a colleague's birthday at the end of the post-event briefing in the sec room, now devoid of laptops..

Saw this poster after the trip:

This was my first time in Australia. There was no time for sightseeing except along the way between our hotel and the event venues, and on the way to the few meals we had off-site. This was pretty, taken on the way to dinner along the Yarra River.

I was sufficiently oriented to find my way to a drugstore for an emergency, when I was dismayed to find that it didn't carry the (international) brand of stuff I needed.

So, do I like Australia? Or let's be specific, do I like Melbourne? I can't honestly say I like it. But I don't think I'll go back there for leisure unless someone pays for it!

A student there told me she had local friends who would go to bed at 8 pm. I could totally understand why after the first night in the hotel - the TV sucks (and no cable); work was more interesting. Is that also why TFR is high? :p

London 25 Apr 2009

Was doing food this time, quite a fun role, learnt a little about food, and got to talk with the hawkers - mostly nice aunties and uncles :)

Here's Uncle Thye Hong saying hi!

And a reporter went around interviewing the hawkers - this was the rojak team:

And of course, the food team! In front of one of the food clusters:

After Sg Day, I went in search of the muah chee - it was gooood!

Notice the sticker above? I had an extra one and this guy asked me for it :p

Poser mf! And, no, the thing didn't beep *.*

Sec room this year was a container on-site. Smaller but we must have snacks to fuel us!

I was happy to be more involved in the works this year, starting a few months ago, but I was rather sore when I learnt - at the last minute, no less - that I had evening duties that would exclude me from the main activity in the evening. One, I would really like to be with my colleagues at the end of the event; two, I had contradicting instructions while in Singapore! Was rather pissed.. So again, I wasn't in the group shot at the end of the night :(

That must be why I still prefer the first one in 2007. I didn't like my logistics role back then but at least it was thick and thin with the team, and it was a great feeling to see something through together :) Perhaps, like a boss used to say, small is beautiful...

Future events?

Obviously, I'm not involved in Singapore Day 2011 in Shanghai. I hope I won't be involved ever again! Unless I'm simply a participant :)

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