Thursday, 31 March 2011

Talking face to face

I'm 31, but my face is throwing a pimply tantrum like it's 13! Argh!

Wait, my face didn't throw any pimply tantrum when I was 13. Or 14. Or 15. Or 16. Or 17.

Ok, sorry, Face..

But you did throw a pimply tantrum when I was 18! Remember the 1 cm monster that was visible from 10 metres away? Remember??!

I wonder what made you angry that year.. You seemed alright for the years that followed, except for the occasional frown. And then your anger came back a few years ago with a vengeance I couldn't handle. I thought it was work. But I am not busy now! How can I make you happy again? :(

It wasn't a pretty sight in the mirror this week. I imagine it's worse when others see me.

I shall hide in the wardrobe.

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