Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Home alone 8&9

It's the second week, and Sito will be home this Saturday! Woohoo! But now, he's still in Jarkarta. When I wake up tomorrow, he will be having dinner at Gluttons Bay - the menu is going through my mind now but thankfully, I don't crave Sg food.

But I had peanut soup these two days, courtesy of S when I visited her yesterday. Her newborn is so pinchable :p

Tried to go shopping after that but I got lazy and went home without buying anything. Seems that nothing appeals to me these days =(

Anyway, back to food.. So, what do I crave? Thick-cut chips!

The entire McManus south wing level one was filled with the glorious smell of salted chips at about 4.30 pm today - leftover from lunch?? But just smelling it hurt my !@#$%^ ulcer =( I was out watching Jane Eyre with some girls - it was the outing of wives whose husbands went for GIM! - but didn't continue to dinner with them. Cooked some bland stuff instead.

Pls oh pls, let me eat salty stuff from tomorrow onwards! I'm heading off to Madison to visit SZ and we plan to eat and eat! Pls pls..

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