Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Learning points from drama, again

Spent my day in dorama-land. Almost forgot my medicine in the evening.

After catching up with the latest episodes of The Mentalist, I started on Hotaru No Hikari 2. Some lessons to note:

Epsiode 1: When I work hard, I don’t know why I work hard. But it sure feels good when that in itself becomes inspiring – to myself or to others.

Episode 2: Eh.. Forgot!

Episode 3: 小さいことも我慢できないと、結婚なんて無理でしょう。

Episode 4: Well, I think we’re always very ラブラブ even though we didn’t think much about it! We were, um, commented upon after a lunch with DC :p

Episode 5: It’s important to put in effort. It’s more important to put love into these efforts. Even if these efforts come to nought, well, it’s ok! 煮干しの一ポイント!

Very often, fictitious stories like this can help put things in perspective. And at the end of the first day without baby, I’m putting various aspects of my life in perspective. All the mundane worries about work and money seem insignificance to life. Necessary, yes, but not sufficient.

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