Saturday, 5 March 2011

Recovering with work, food and more

I'm really fortunate and grateful to have supportive friends far and near.

I resumed work yesterday to take my mind off things. We also had a pre-arranged dinner with the Sg crowd yesterday. Chicken rice premix was wonderful! We ate so much.

And this morning, I woke early and even though I wasn't hungry, I heated up some yummy red bean soup for breakfast. More red bean soup for breakfast tomorrow. Both T and K brought me red bean soup yesterday :)

When Sito woke, we had leftover chicken rice, chicken curry and chicken soup! Chicken soup was from T yesterday - I saved some to share with Sito today.

And we weren't even hungry when we decided on Cheesecake Factory in the afternoon - Sito had a Snicker bar cheesecake and I had a warm apple crisp. We were supposed to be shopping, 散散心, but in the end, we didn't buy anything. Despite that and the snow, it was a rather nice stroll in the snow...

Now Sito is at dinner with the guys. I'm still too full to eat. So I'm doing random things.. Just morphed our faces on a website to see what our kid would look like.


(Nvm the hair - my hair in my photo was cropped *.*)

To compare in future :)

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