Sunday, 20 March 2011

Home alone 6&7, and a lot of random musings

No word from Sito this weekend...


But he's now in Jarkarta - work part.. Bleah.

It has been an uneventful weekend. It's pretty quiet here as people are emptying out for spring break. I was prancing in the lounge after gym this evening and only two persons walked by. Preparing for a dance lesson we're giving at the end of a month - we put it up for a charity auction and someone actually bade for it!

Anyway, yesterday...

Saturday, boring boring boring

I went shopping in town - like downtown Evanston, didn't feel like going far - but got nothing. I realised the last time I got myself something was in December in Sg. I don't feel like getting anything (here?) anymore. But then I wasn't shopping for myself; I was looking for something to give new mum S whom I'm visiting tomorrow. Didn't find anything suitable so I'll shop on the way to her place in downtown Chicago.

Had a bright idea to put on make-up on my way to the shower. It was pretty strong make-up that looked quite maniacal in normal light but pretty enough in dim lighting :p

Now, the other day I had a chat with miso..

mf: Sometimes, I think I’m more than pretty..
miso: Well, you’re almost beautiful then.
mf: ... Almost??!

miso couldn't answer but the answer came up in a drama I watched recently. TPO! Time, place occasion! I don't really bother about dressing up.. 一般以上、美人未満?

But this day, after I took 10s of pictures of myself in dim lighting, which is already very forgiving, I came to a dismay conclusion: I'm not even pretty =(

No matter how much I adjusted the angle, I just couldn't captured what I saw in the mirror! Then I realised that I looked quite different to myself and to others. Our mirror has three panels so I tilted two such that I could see myself the way others see me. And I moved from those two to the third to compare.

It was so odd. The two images were quite different! In my reflection, my smile was less crooked, my uneven eyebrows less uneven, and my eyes brighter. Sighs, so sad, so sad I had to watch more Glee for the rest of the night :p

My iced coffee in the afternoon was enjoyable although it was nothing like those in 茶餐厅, and a very costly mistake when I tossed and turned in bed from 12.40 am to 4.17 am, which was the last time I glanced at the clock!

All this while and when I slept, Zo-San watched over me, accompanied by Kappa-Chan behind him and 小臭臭 next to him :)

Sunday, tired tired tired

Woke to a downpour and thunderstorm. And I was tired from lack of sleep. Pretty sian. But I had the day's work in front of me - spring cleaning! This apartment had so much rubbish after being lived in for only a few months!

I tidied up the kitchen and fridge. Found some expired stuff *.*

Then I cleared out the wardrobes and cabinets. Threw out lots of empty boxes that I kept in case we had to store things in the basement but now that we're spending summer here, it's time to dump the excess.

After gym and dancing, I put clothes into the washer and rewarded myself with a steaming bowl of rice, vege and meat in front of the laptop on the sofa.. And disaster struck.

Q: What in the world made me think that I wouldn't drop my bowl a second time in two days??

Yesterday, only a few grains of rice dropped out as I caught the bowl nicely. Today, I lost half my rice to the sofa, which obviously wasn't hungry at all. I was so sorry for it. Just sprayed some freshener on it. Get well!

Concluding the weekend...

I had such a weekend before. When Sito was in HK for a week earlier last year as part of his course; but I had KLK over for dinner. When Sito was in NYC was interviews earlier this year; and I spent the weekend lazing in my PJs.

This such weekend is definitely better than the last such weekend. At least I was productive today. Which led me to think and write to CY last night just before bed and which had me continue to think this afternoon while cleaning.

It's like when Sito is not around, 我失去了生活的重心 - there's no one to cook for, clean for.. And I'm too lazy to cook nice stuff for just myself - been having one-dish meals from the steamer.

I haven't been doing anything constructive the whole week. My brain cells are dying from disuse - by the second! I used to think I'll catch up on current affairs on wiki but man, I'm not so inclined.. I'm afraid of becoming stupid, on top of realising how unpretty I am *.*

Looks like it's 劳碌命 - I must work!

Another case in point - I'm not too engaged with work now cos, for one, it doesn't utilise my full faculties. But well, I've been told very recently to take it easy now while I can. So I will.

But you know what all this means? That I can't be a tai tai!! I'll die from either laziness or stupidity, and I won't have that.

Before we have a handful of kids (when I would be a very busy mum, not a free tai tai - don't confuse the two!), I need constructive work. And I need discipline to get down to it!

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