Monday, 7 March 2011

Our funny times

We have fun times and we have funny times..

Once at some party, a girl was asking for a bottle opener for a bottle of beer. We didn’t have one but apparently, people had been twisting the caps off! Sito was near and he helped, and I went wow!

Sito: That’s why you married me! =D

Well, among other things :)

Out of the blue one evening..

mf: I think you’ll still be charming when you’re 60 =)
Sito: *happy*
mf: I don’t think I’ll still look like this when I’m 60!
Sito: *.*
mf: I can remain cute?

Oh well.. I think I got the better end of the deal!

We headed for Forever XXI after tea on Saturday to walk off some calories. Some teens were in the same section..

Sito: *visibly disturbed* They look like they're 14...
mf: Ok what.. Girly clothes..
Sito: It's ok if they're like 18, 19... I don't want to go to jail leh...
mf: Huh?
Sito: If you wear the same clothes as these girls...

Oooh, but my face doesn't look like I'm 14! Hoho!

We carry the same excitement over different parts of the same thing..

When we were getting married:

mf: Are you excited? ROM next week!
Sito: Hmmm, ok la.. I’m more excited about the wedding dinner!

When we got pregnant:

mf: Are you excited about our first prenatal visit? :)
Sito: Hmmm, I’ll be more excited when you pop!

Ah, not happening yet...

Sometimes, Sito would hum to himself. Sometimes, I would pick up on it. This day, I did again but with the lyrics. Then he sang with me..

... 也许我会忘记,也许会更想你,也许已没有也许!

Old song! As I was typing this post, I had to find the song online. That attracted him to my desk. Somehow, the male voice was different from how we remember it.. Anyway, here’s the closest:

Sito sang along with a deep deep voice, the way we remember it :p

Then he had a bright idea – let’s sing 上海滩!

Then I learnt that Sito knew a lot about 上海滩! He mentioned the show and the lead characters 许文强 and 丁力 – in Cantonese!! I’m suitably impressed :)

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