Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Home alone 123

Maybe I'll do a log of what I do while Sito is away...

miso: Don't you already log everything you do while he is here??

Monday, Sito left on a plane..

And I caused him to miss his carpool to the airport =(

Stupid Pinky II! Because of daylight savings, the alarm for 7.30 am went off at 6.30 am so I set it to 7.30 am again but it didn't go off!

Luckily they were planning to be real early so he was still on time when he left later.

Spent the rest of the day rather unproductively..

Tuesday, Sito far far away in Vietnam

I was moping a lot. Then he emailed to say he arrived in Vietnam :)

Still, I continued to mope. Cos I have this ulcer in my mouth :(

I had only milk for breakfast and some vege and meat stirfry for lunch. Met the girls for a four-hour long tea which was so fun!! Each of us brought something - muffins, brownies, cinnamon rolls, cookies, crackers and cheese, samosas. So much to eat!

Orange and oatmeal muffins which did not rise but tasted good nonetheless:

Sorry, Sito, I stopped moping here :p But you came up in our conversations! We had to talk about our husbands :p

Realised none of us took photo.. But since I'm at it, here are some pictures of an earlier girly tea - we made dumplings!

Apparently, cooking the dumplings with a sprig of spring onions prevents them from sticking together.


Anyway, got home just before 9 pm and spent 30 minutes washing my silicon muffin cups! Yes, 30 freaking minutes washing six muffin cups! Darn those grooves!

By then, I'd decided I would go out with the girls - to the Keg!! This was my first time at the Keg this quarter. We got there just before 10.30 pm but the music hadn't started so we sat around and chat at Pete Miller for a while.

My drink when we eventually headed back to the Keg - I can't remember when I last had this!

Hell, when was the last time I danced like this?!

It was just 30 min on the dance floor as I had to work this morning - sighs.. Left at 12.30 am and slept by 1 am.

Wednesday, Sito emailed me again! :)

So happy to see his note :) Apparently FB is blocked in Vietnam...

Had M and T over for lunch - chicken rice rice (as in just the rice, using premix :p), bok choy with black fungus, failed foo yong eggs (just scrambled in the end), Milo (no one took the offer for Milo Dino!) and jelly!

Now when was the last time I had that!

Sat around for a while and discussed languages and watch youtube videos before we called it a day...

The outdoors were so inviting today! When I stepped out for milk, it felt so good I wanted to cry! Wish you were here :)

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