Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dear, can you....?

Waiting for the baked salmon to be nicely browned before I start to cook the rest of dinner. Let me recount something that happened last night...

So Apple 4S comes with Siri. After watching some random stuff on Youtube, I chanced upon a video on a guy asking Siri random questions like, what is the meaning of life? (If you click through, check out the Singaporean version too.)

Sito had watched that before but he watched again with me. Then I started my going-to-bed ritual of moving my water bottle to the bedroom etc.. And when I walked out to the living room again, I saw Sito playing a Facebook game. And quite immediately when he sensed me, the following happened:

Sito: Dear?
mf: Hmmm?
Sito: Can you fill my water bottle for me?
mf: Huh, I become your Siri?!


This afternoon, after doing some other random thing for him, this happened:

Sito: Will you marry me?
mf: I already did!!!


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