Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Chicago Marathon 2011!

So I went downtown on Sunday for the marathon again! As a spectator of course :) We were supporting L and K!

Some people organised a bus from Evanston but of the 30+ who signed up, only a few of us showed up. So it was a rather quiet journey and we reached the 13-mile point at about 8.00 am.

First stop: Lou Mitchell's Restaurant! That's C and me waiting for our breakfast :)

Source: C

My pecan pancakes without the pecans! They poured on the pecans a while later,  on top of the four fluffy pancakes that were the size of my face! We must have had some three or four cups of their coffee..

The toilet queue at Lou Mitchell was too long so we headed for the Union Station.. That's me going down into the station rather quickly cos I really needed to go :p

Source: C

Took more pictures in the station while waiting for M and Y to join us but in the end, cos Y's husband was faster, they went off to the 16-mile point while we left for the 13-mile point.

Source: C

Guess what, we waited until we received a tracking text that L had gone past that point! We must have missed her :( K's pace was similar so we probably missed her too :(

So we took pictures :p

Source: C

Then we turned towards the 16-mile point, hoping to catch them this time.. And guess what, we didn't *.* But L saw us instead!! We then ran after her to catch her from the front hoho! Quite fun to be running a bit!

Source: C

Don't know how both of us could be so blind.. Ok, C could be distracted by her camera but I had no excuse - another friend actually saw me twice at both points when I didn't even see her at all! *.*

Finally met up with M and Y. They saw K run by in a flash about 15 minutes before L. Check out my 大根足 :p

Source: C

We started walking towards the finishing point so that Y could meet her husband. Passed by the brown line which goes above the ground.

Source: C

As we were walking too slowly, Y rushed on ahead as it was getting late. So the remaining three of us took random pictures, like at this strange thing in the middle of the pavement!

Source: C

C had to go back to Evanston for an event and I was tired so we left early while M waited around to meet up with Y. Just before we parted, we saw the sign marking the starting point of Route 66!

Oops, my getup was very aunty ^_^

It was a very fun day :) And combined with the trip to Mitsuwa on Saturday and the amazing weather, it was a perfect weekend!

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