Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Pick apples, bake apples :)

The girls went apple picking at Apple Holler on Sunday!

This map came with the tickets:

We had an admission ticket and a hayride ticket. Luckily I took a picture cos they took them away when we went in!

Oh, the Golden Goat Bridge, haha! The goats can walk up a ramp to the spot above "BRIDGE" to eat the food sent up using the ropes.

My wonderful apple cider donut! It was so rich it felt like a cake!

And that's eight of us on the hayride! (minus the photographer CG)

And we went through the enchanted forest! :) See them cute little things hanging on the tree??

I was happily holding on to an apple - it was pretty green so not too visible...

But this is super visible!

And there were apples everywhere... Some had a few human bites missing while some were uneaten, having suffered the unfortunate fate of being imperfect to be taken home or falling down as a neighbour was taken...

That's KF reaching for a much coveted shiny apple while S supported her!

Introducing - the Desperate Housewives of Evanston! Hohoho! (Btw, I'm happily watching the latest season on Hulu!)

And back to the entrance area, we did fun, silly things :)

Including finding our way through a corn maze - built with real corn!!

My loot! :) The paper bag contained another apple cider donut - for Sito :)

Eight of us had two of these fantastic dutch apple pies... Heavenly!

This was just next to our bench. I bought a pint of apple cider to bring home. But Sito didn't want *.*

Eight of us again! (minus CG the photographer again..)

Pumpkins galore! Outside a Trader Joe's on our way back.

I just had to display all my apples on the coffee table for a, um, group shot :p

And on Tuesday, I took two to make these lovely apple cinnamon and walnut muffins!

Ok, three of them didn't have the walnut toppings because I wanted to know the original taste of the muffins!

They turned out much less sweeter than expected. Think I'll use the sweeter apples and milk instead of apple cider when I bake again later this week.. Still have lots of apples left hoho!

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