Friday, 14 October 2011

Goodbye, my HP laptop...

At 3.24 am, I turned off my work laptop for the last time.

I felt a strange sense of loss. I've stopped work officially for a few months but now, I'm really not turning this laptop on again. It's like a chapter of my life has closed.

And if I have the chance to return to my office, it wouldn't be this laptop anyway, so let me say this:

However much I've scolded you, my dear laptop, for being slow, I understand it's because you're overloaded with programmes; I really appreciate you for staying with me through so many tough days and nights, never crashing on me. Thank you...

Update 11.51 am

I woke up feeling FREEEE! Still feel a pang of sadness when I see the laptop bag on the couch but well, once I send it off this evening, I'll put an end to this chapter and move on to a year full of TV dramas and socials! And learning, let me not forget that..

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