Monday, 31 October 2011

On my own

Watching 結婚できない男 now, literally the man who cannot get married. He is single, socially awkward and lives in a nice apartment by himself, and loves to cook and eat meat and is a neat freak who doesn't invite people to his place.

But he doesn't seem to feel lonely. He is always doing things on his own:
1) Having yakiniku at a restaurant
2) Going on a local bus tour
3) Watching fireworks

And people around him find it strange that a person should do all these alone. The female lead is also single and finds it difficult to eat alone in a restaurant so she often eats at ramen stands.

Now I find that strange. Why can't we do these on our own?? And when the 40-year-old female lead considers buying her own place, it means she has "given up on marriage" *.*

Eh, I've considered getting my own place leh... Let's see what I've done on my own all these years...
1) Watching movies - at a theatre; I watch dramas on my own most of the time
2) Having meals at food court, hawker centre or at my desk in the office
3) Reading/Studying at some cafe
4) Shopping
5) Holidaying - Scotland, Switzerland, Japan, Taiwan
6) Singing karaoke at KBox - that included lunch so I turned on analog when I was eating :)
7) And yes, watching fireworks! That just happened a few months ago on 4 July - watched fireworks from my window :)

I don't think I've eaten at a restaurant alone; I'm too cheapo, don't want to spend too much when I'm eating alone :p

The thing is, I think there's nothing strange about doing things on our own. Alone doesn't mean lonely. Yup, sometimes it can be boring - like when I was in Scotland in January, it was so cold I didn't feel like doing anything! - but it's so convenient to do things alone! No need to arrange with people, no need to plan anything, no need to feel bad if planned activities turn out to be boring... Just do anything I like at the moment!

But of course I do enjoy and treasure time with Sito :) Just saying that I find it's nice to (be able to) do things on my own :)

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