Friday, 7 October 2011

Bite into an Apple with a capital A

Went downtown this afternoon and saw a crowd in front of the Apple store. They were looking at this:

I hurried on as I was running late for my appointment but on the way back, after buying a leather cover for our iPad2, I paused to take this picture, on my iPhone 3GS, no less! And now I'm blogging on my MacBook Pro.

Yes, I'm pretty grateful for what I make calls on, what I blog with and what makes my husband happy like a little boy.

Epilogue - Our journey with Apple products:

iPod Nano: January 2007, birthday present from Sito
MacBook Black: 2007, Sito's new toy
iMac: June 2007, mf's new toy
Pinky II: October 2009, to replace Pinky
MacBook Pro: August 2011
iPad2: September 2011

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