Saturday, 8 October 2011

Girly trip to Mitsuwa and Ikea

What a beautiful autumn day today! And I dolled up a little to go out with Y and M to...the supermarket hoho!

It's a really nice supermarket - went there once with Sito in July but we went there after lunch nearby. This time, the girls went there for lunch - Santouka ramen!

It was an early lunch and I had breakfast so I couldn't get the rice bowl combo that M and Y had, sighs.. And they don't do take-outs for noodle dishes!

But I found some yakisoba for Sito in the end:

Yes, it's yakisoba pan! The noodle and bread combo is very interesting on the tongue.....

We also went to Ikea nearby as M wanted to get home stuff. Y and I bought small stuff too, though my shopping trolley isn't exactly small :) My frozen oden thawed completely by the time we got back *.* But I popped it right back into the freezer! Should be fine la hor? :p

Tonight I must sleep early as I'm heading for the Chicago marathon tomorrow morning! As a spectator again :)

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