Wednesday, 18 December 2013

A week of Mama's moments

Actually, only a few days la..

Sito started clearing leave this week, and I was on half-day leave for Monday to Wednesday. So on Monday after watching The Desolation of Smaug, we set off to pick ZK up from IFC. On the bus, I suddenly had a stomachache and had to go home to my beloved toilet. So Sito brought ZK home on his own.

At bedtime, I was half dead on the sofa and he came up to sit with me for a while. I asked Sito to bring him to bed cos my stomach wasn't 100% yet. Then this little boy hung on to me and refused to let go - he knew that if he let go, I wouldn't bring him to bed :( It was such a bitter sweet moment!

So I somehow stood up from the sofa with a heavy koala bear hanging on me and brought him to bed. Thankfully, the mama-go-wee-wee thing still worked so I left after a few songs and some talk and lots of kisses.

The stomach upset didn't let up the next morning - third consecutive day! I was beginning to think it was the new probiotics I started taking to toughen up my insides for India.. Anyway, I'm better now.

The next day, Sito and I went to watch The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. On the way to IFC - no stomachache yeah! But we decided that some bubble tea was good so Sito went to get that before meeting us at IFC.

I trailed behind when we left the centre as I was closing the gate. Then ZK said "mama"! We were very excited :)

Oh, another exciting happening - he blew at his rice at dinner that evening. Um, I may not get to blow my own birthday candle next month? :p

Anyway, then this morning, I was trailing behind again as we left home for IFC. Again, he called for me! This boy ah, calls me only when he can't see me :) But but but! At the IFC, we were telling him to say bye bye to me, and he went "ma-ah ma!"

Very happy - he's definitely addressing me now :)

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