Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Hilarious morning

ZK was babbling a lot at the dining table today - since last Thursday, I've been giving him some solid food after his morning milk feed.

Today, we ran out of bread so I gave him a cracker which he didn't like. So I thought of his baby biscuits which came in pairs. After he hastily finished the first one, of course he wanted the other one..

mf: Say "more".

ZK signed "more".

mf: Say "please".

ZK signed "please". As as I handed him the biscuit..

mf: Say "thank you".

ZK signed "thank you" with one hand as he took the biscuit with the other.

And he bit into it happily. And with food in his mouth, he launched into a lecture.

mf: He must be complaining, "Made me do so much just for a biscuit!"

Y and I had a good laugh over this. But he continued to lecture!

Y: "Kakak laughing so much, I don't like!"

More laughter ensued and he wouldn't let up!

Y: "Mama laughing so much, I also don't like!"

But I bet he must be wondering, what are these two laughing about?!


Anyway, here's a video from Sunday when he sounded like he was lecturing someone - on the phone:

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