Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Another perspective

Just read this and I have something to say.

Credit to him, the author is saying that the privileged should be more aware that their family circumstances have given them more opportunities than they imagine and that they should also be aware that the less privileged may not have such opportunities not because of their own doing but because well, they're not privileged.

I'm not privileged. And I can't agree with all that he says. Because I think that - and I have witnessed around me that - some people really do not know how to make good decisions, some people really are just lazy or plain stupid.

The author can say his piece because he's privileged; I can say my piece because I'm not. Neither is wrong :)

I count myself lucky to be here despite all odds. My children will not be privileged. But they will have a better head-start than I've ever had. And that's good enough for me. I hope that's good enough for them.

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