Monday, 2 December 2013

Precious moments with ZK

Is anyone missing ZK? :p More photos!

He has learnt to belt himself up. But he can't release the catch. We do this MANY times after each dinner *.*

Restaurants also have ideas to entertain children. And this idea currently doesn't work well on him - he destroyed the crayon instead!

My super cool baby!!!

We put on his new car seat the day we went to celebrate Papa's birthday. He was checking on the various compartments of the car seat...

The car seat has two toy compartments and a cup holder which is mostly used for toys.. So he can play with toys and put them back! This toy got him wound up..

That morning, I brought him to the bathroom basin and we brushed our teeth together :) But he's still resisting it most of the time..

Pinky hold!

Source: Teacher D

That was taken in school, probably due snack time.. And talk about school - he used to come to me immediately when I went to pick him up in the evening. Lately, he decides that he wants to show me what he can do - and what he can do now is to shout and run around at the same time!

Yet another cool expression - I was trying to catch him sitting on the ledge behind and reading but he kept standing up!

More photos from the camera..

He sat up in bed in the middle of the night.

Usually, he would be "singing" and I would need to pop in to put him back in bed. But this morning, he sat up for a while at 5 am and went back to bed without fuss!

Other times, he would really sing. Just two weeks ago, I was pleasantly surprised to hear him hum some baby tune as he was trying to sleep in the evening :) And he has been singing on and off since then, and not necessarily in bed :)

He was sound asleep in the middle of the night but Meh Meh was winking at the camera.

He decided the floor blanket was more comfy than his bed in the middle of the night.

Legs off the bed in the middle of the night and Meh Meh had been thrown off. (Time stamp is wrong; it should have been 4 am...)

A precious moment when Papa put the little one in bed cos Mama wasn't feeling well.

Another precious moment.. Yesterday just before dinner, ZK wanted to watch the flashcard DVD. Sito set it up for him and sat next to him at his order.

Apparently, on Friday when IFC was closed and I had to be away for lunch, ZK asked Mum to bring him to the laptop and he pushed the DVD in himself!

Other happenings:

He pushed an older boy away from "his" toy at the library two Saturdays ago *.*

Last week, when I told him that that was his last raisin, he kept putting it into his mouth and spitting it out *.*

Just now, he discovered that he could pull the buttons of his PJs apart and kept doing it *.*

Hmmm, why are all these happenings marked with this *.* face?! Gaaar! My little boy, 小淘气!(超强吸收力!)

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