Saturday, 14 December 2013

Take a seat (and a sleep tip!)

We discovered this week that when he says "jit" and points down in front of next to him whenever he's eating or having milk, he's telling us to sit down with him :) In celebration of that, almost all the pictures today show ZK seated..

The first morning when he had bread after milk. He kicked at the table, first with one leg, then with both. Had to move the chair away so that he didn't inadvertently tip himself backwards!

Another morning, he decided to hook one leg on the side of his high chair. I told him to put it down. He did so but repeated his act while smiling at me!! And he changed legs as well *.* Eventually, he even did this:

And this uncle pose..

So terrible.. And I really don't like to see ankles going above knee level! Need to teach properly..

And after a few days of refusing his bib in the morning, he decided that he wanted to play with it. So he stuffed the bread in his mouth to free his hands *.*

He was also refusing his bib for some dinners. But the day he turned 17 months, i.e. 12 December, I turned for a bit and when I turned back, I found that he had grabbed the bib from the chair and anyhow spread it on his chest! So mini grown-up and so cute :)

And one evening, he came home looking like Superman - the teacher must have have a hard time buttoning on his bodysuit before putting on the pants...

Earlier this month, he discovered his buttons and started unbuttoning them one evening. Very soon, he was unbuttoning in the middle of the road..

When he woke and had nothing better to do (and I didn't want to go in yet)

(Time stamp was wrong..)

The past few mornings, he had been waking up at around 6 am and goro-ing in bed, sometimes babbling, sometimes just making a few random sounds as if dreaming. I would just watch him on the camera while dozing in and out of sleep. And today, he didn't stir until almost 7 am woohoo!

I also found a way to get him to sleep on his own! :) So, some time earlier this week, I really needed to pee when he woke in the middle of the night. I patted him a little and decided that I couldn't hold it anymore although he had not gone back to sleep yet. So I told him that Mama gotta go wee wee and left the room. When I was done, I decided to check on him through the camera before going in. Guess what? He was fine! Just rolled for some eight minutes and - all still!

Of course I went back to sleep, AND repeated the trick the next night. Finally on 12 December, yes, the day he turned 17 months, I was in the room with him after dinner, and thought, why not try it for his bed time? And it worked!! And it has been working since then! Ok, so it's only been a three evenings, but it's a big improvement for us - first of all, he seems to fall asleep more quickly without someone next to him; and I get to wash up early and have more rest!

It's quite amazing actually. Just a couple of weeks ago, I told him that he should go to sleep and I would go out. I said goodnight to him and he waved at me. But I barely reached the door when he started to whine. When I tried to sit further away from his bed, he crawled off his bed to lie in my lap instead. I was thinking I might have to sit next to him for quite some months more.. But now he doesn't whine when I leave the room if I say I want to go wee wee. He may make some objections like Friday night - he shook his head when I said I wanted to go wee wee. It took a few tries but I got out eventually.

Maybe he forgets that when I go wee wee, I should return? If so, I'd better enjoy this period before he becomes more aware!

But he still needs his pacifier for bed time. Last Sunday, for some reason, I forgot about his pacifier. We were in bed and he kept pointing to the door, going "goot goot" or something. It took me more than a few seconds to realise he wanted his joot joot! Ah well, one evil at a time...

This was last Sunday at Mum's place - I love this picture! The light from behind took away part of his shoulders in the picture, making his head look especially big and adorable :) That's a foot stool but he loves to sit on it so that's where we put on his shoes for him.

He had a good time that afternoon - he had human see-saw! Look at him - so relaxed on AhYe's legs:

Papa's see-saw was not as enjoyable!

Looking like a busy businessman, on the phone, on his armchair kiddy chair. And gesturing some more!

His $2 Daiso chair broke last Saturday when he pounced on Mum while she was on it so Mum got him a new chair. This chair squeaks when he gets on but only when he puts his butt far in. It also squeaks when he gets off. At first he was wondering where that sound came from!

Not seated but his chair is in the picture! My hardworking baby decided to sweep the floor today while Kakak went downstairs to buy top-up card *.*

Went to cut his hair just now. Stripped him down to his diapers! And he watched his first five minutes of Barney - well, at least that kept him real still!

Pretty aunty who likes him a lot wasn't around today so we didn't get discount - paid $17 instead of $10 for the haircut!

He was very quiet on the bus to Plaza Sing but on the train back, he was all over the place! This was a rare second:

We bought him a new pair of shoes last Saturday. Took the chance to stay out a bit later to catch the Christmas lighting in town too :) But he wasn't interested *.* So today, we also didn't bother, just came straight home after the haircut.

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