Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Counting down to 2014

We're back from India! But more on that later.. For now, we're just very, very, very happy to be home :) And it happens to be the last day of the year - we're just in time to welcome the new year in the comfort of our own little nest.

It has been a most trying year, juggling work and family with Sito away half the time, doing a job I have little passion for, managing the day-to-day with bad sleep every night, etc.

But for the past three months, life (at least at home) has become better. With Y around, I have no worries about housework, hot dinner after work every evening, and immediate child care help whenever I feel too tired. It also helps a lot that ZK has started to wake less in the night. But now that we're just back from a holiday, I have to retrain his sleep - he refused to go down after I used the wee wee trick just now.

2013 has really flown by, and I felt that a lot in India when I looked at ZK sleeping next to me - when did he get so big?! He has grown a lot heavier too. It's really challenging carrying him man... Other than baby-related stuff, I don't remember much of the year heh :p

Now that 2014 is on its way, I'm looking forward to a great many things:

1) Turning 34! Sito will be on leave and we may pop out for dinner after the little one goes to bed :)

2) Turning four! Clan Sito's growth target for 2014 :)

3) Better health! I haven't been feeling very good the past couple of months. I know it can only get better. I even dreamt of getting a gym membership while in India! But of course I won't do that. I just hope I can somehow become healthier; getting fitter is a bonus heh!

4) Better husband? Not changing husbands haha! But Sito has shown himself to be a great papa in India, helping a lot with ZK - I wouldn't have survived the trip with an active toddler if not for him :)

5) Better job? Well, I'm not leaving but my job scope will change a little after a re-org. It means more things but it also means busier times ahead. I hope it gets better in all aspects...

So well, here's to a great start to a potentially wonderful new year! :)

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