Thursday, 2 January 2014

ZK goes to playgroup!

This morning, ZK woke very late, which was fine as I'm still on leave. We dressed him up in his new uniform and got him to put his PJs into his laundry basket. Then we put on his shoes and here's the handsome chap!

"Why am I in this strange gear?"

Your strange gear costs $38 a set ok... We bought only two - must wash every day!

"No, I'm not smiling. Is baggy in??"

Sorry, baby - that's already the small size.. You'll grow into it :)

We arrived at almost 8.30 am so instead of dropping him off at the IFC building, we went over to the other building. Turned out that ZK was the first kid in playgroup to arrive. I thought I would leave when more kids arrived so I sat with him at the table and chatted with the Chinese teacher.

So this is his schedule in playgroup:

8.00 am: Move from drop-off point at IFC building to playgroup room - teachers will help with the bags

8.30 am: Breakfast time...

9.00 am: Outdoor play

10.00 am: Wash hands, have some fruits, followed by structured Chinese and English lessons, about 30 min each - no idea what they do! Sing?

11.30 am: Lunch time, followed by a shower and nap time

3.00 pm: Snack time - usually some milk and whatever the chef cooks (he's quite good apparently!), followed by ad hoc activities

5.00 pm: Most kids are going home but poor ZK will have to make do with some milk before Mama comes round after work..

While we were talking, ZK was such a good boy, just sitting on the chair next to me. Then the teacher gave him a mantou which he poked tentatively with a fork...

Other kids began to arrive shortly, including a Chinese girl who was there for the first time too! So (a) ZK won't be the only newbie, and (b) he won't be the only Chinese too!

So when there were three or four other kids, I thought I should make a move lest he thought I would stay for good - the school director was concerned with his crying at playgroup trials and asked me to stay but the teachers suggested I go. I agree with the teachers - he's got to learn..

He was very sticky this morning - he would sit on his own for a while, then climbed on me or put his little head on my legs like a little dear. I think he knew what was coming... When the teacher made a move to carry him, he started to cry - poor baby :( And I left after some kisses..

After some bumming around at home, Sito and I went shopping for my new iPhone 5GS - henceforth known as Pinky III! - and some shoes before picking ZK up. He was crying when we got there, at the first floor of the IFC building - all the kids gather there by the end of the day. So poor thing... When he saw us, he slowly got off the little chair and ran into my legs! No more tears once in my arms :)

On the way home, we asked him if playgroup was fun and he shook his head *.* But just now in bed, he was babbling and gesturing a lot in a not unhappy tone. I wonder if he was trying to tell me about his first day at playgroup :)

Ah, our baby has grown up so fast... We said that a lot in India. Well, I said that a lot in India. And I think we're going to keep saying that for the next 20 years. Probably more.

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