Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Along the Singapore River with ZK

Ok, this is waaaay overdue!

So after the indoor photoshoot on 2 Mar 2013, we had an outdoor one on 7 Apr 2013, courtesy of my insurance company. The package from Lumiere included only some five or so photos but with $60, we got back more than 160 photos! Much better deal than the indoor one. And the photos - raw or edited - were so much nicer too :)

Here are some highlights. Many highlights :)

I'm so cool with my cap and expressionless face.

Chubby thighs add a cute dimension to my overall awesomeness.

Why is the uncle with the black box hiding behind the leaves?

Picnic? Where's the food?

I would be cute even if I was born in the B&W era.

Love lying on Mama..

Higher, Papa! I want to go UP!

If I don't don't look comfortable, it's because I'm not.

AhMa and AhYe join Papa and Mama in smiling. I'm still cool.

Uncle with black box is hiding behind things again - is he trying to play with me?

But I'm not in the playing mood. It's too hot. And, li kua si mi?

Noooo! I don't want to play! (Lost my coolness but still cute!)

Ok, I like this place better. Now, high five!

This place is so fun! Papa and Mama are having so much fun too!

I will work in that building when I grow up...

One day, I'll stand like you guys...

Why are AhMa and AhYe putting their hands together?

Whatever, I'm still happy!

Wet cheeks again!

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