Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Shopping in the heartlands

My memory is indeed failing me - I thought I wrote about new year clothes before but I couldn't be sure so I searched my old posts. Yes, I wrote about it just before LNY last year :)

I thought about this cos I was on leave yesterday. Had an off day to clear within the month so I went for a manicure and a pedicure - let's be pretty for LNY! But I was early and so went walking around Clementi town centre. I couldn't help remembering that Na and I happened to buy the same pair of berms (well, not exactly the same but you know what I mean) at our respective town centres, i.e. Clementi and AMK, some 10 years ago - and hers was 10% more ex than mine, heh!

Anyway, I miss shopping in the heartlands!! First, I joined a horde of aunties around a huge basket with a $2 sign but all XXL *.* Then I found a cutesy shop and within five minutes, I got myself a pretty top - $15. After my nail session, I went back to shop again, and found a cool T-shirt for ZK - $7.

But what excites me more than the cheapness of it all is that, this is the first time in a long time that I got new clothes for my baby! :)

He already has at least four new items for LNY, none of which was from his parents, and all of which look more expensive than $7, haha! In fact, when I got home yesterday, I found that Mum had got him new PJs from Gap. See, parents scrimp, all other relatives splurge. Who says raising a child is expensive for the parents? :p

Anyway, more shopping awaited me. I needed some bra extenders for the longest time but I didn't know where to look - the only shop I knew has branches in AMK and Tampines, damn far. BUT! I saw this amazing line-up of cups from a distance while at Clementi! I made a dash for it and got myself a pair of extenders at $3.90, with the auntie helping me check the sizing against my bra hook, no less!

Then I spotted this super long queue at the hawker centre. Very long, maybe 10m. Or 20m. I really have no concept of length. (Or weight, as attested by how I was lured by 果冻 $1.50/100g, picked "some" and paid $30 *.*) I was curious! I must find out what they were queuing for! So I followed the queue to its source - bah kwa! The sign was obscured by many paper pineapples so I couldn't see, but I guess that wasn't important at all.

And then, I was caught in a dilemma. I had wanted to get the peanut butter pancake from Cake History - I like theirs best. But I passed by another confectionary selling $0.95 cheese bun, and I like cheese buns. After walking past both twice, I figured that I should try something new and had the cheese bun. Not as nice as in the picture but for the price, it was good.

After that, I didn't know where to go or what to do, so I headed home. I alighted one stop early to drop by the bah kwa stall at the hawker centre downstairs. Getting there from the bus stop, I had to pass by the market - I went there only a couple of times before they shut it down for renovation and reopened it just a few weeks ago.

I remembered being overwhelmed by the aunties at my last visit. Well, yesterday, because it was already early pm, the market was kind of empty. I took a stroll through and found stalls selling cheap cheap nua nua button-down cotton PJs - I love them! But I remembered that I had kept a new set for LNY so I resisted buying more.. But I needn't have worried about spending money - cos I had just about none left *.* I realised that when I was about to try the bah kwa at the hawker centre. So embarrassing... I headed off to NTUC to get some tissue instead - I had enough money for that, after deducting points..

All in all, a very auntie LNY shopping day. And I'm mighty proud of it :)

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