Friday, 31 January 2014


Happy year of the horse to everyone! :)

Especially to Clan Sito cos we're having another boy this year! :)

Like last time, I must document everything. EVERYTHING!

Friday, 1 Nov 2013 - 4w5d

ZK was still asleep when I woke. Something made me do a pregnancy test - I don't know why cos I didn't manage to test positive for ovulation at all in the past month. And at 6.30 am:


So surprised! So happy!

Then I remembered that five days ago on Sunday, I had XO fish soup *.* I took comfort in that the placenta was probably not formed yet so baby had food from the yolk sac, not from me.

Monday, 4 Nov 2013

Started spotting today. It would be the start of a long string of worries...

Wednesday, 6 Nov 2013

Felt a stronger pulse today! Felt slightly better in spite of the spotting that returned after a break on Tuesday.

Thursday, 7 Nov 2013

A pimple appeared. And a new one appeared every week for the next four or five weeks :(

Friday, 8 Nov 2013 - 5w5d

I was supposed to see my gynae for a PAP smear some time in the next couple of weeks - it was supposed to be September but it got postponed a few times. And today, he was free so the nurse called me in. Well, might as well!

But, sighs, he found a small water bag in relation to the yolk sac. And while the foetal pole could be seen, there was no heartbeat - yet? Hopefully.. Else, really?!!!

He wanted me to go back a week later. But I was worried it was too short a break - what if it was just too early? So I made a later apppointment... And he primed me to be prepared to take it out that morning if it didn't turn out well... And he decided not to give me anything for the spotting cos 是你的就是你的 :(

So I spent a miserable 10 days waiting for the appointment. Meanwhile, I continued to spot non-stop..

There were otherwise very few symptoms of pregnancy - a breast muscle hurt here and there, a pelvic muscle hurt here and there, but they could all be random or simply figments of my imagination..

Tuesday, 19 Nov 2013 - 7w2d

It was the day after Sito's birthday - if baby didn't make it, I would forever remember the date...

But doc found a heartbeat! :) Everyone from the gynae to his nurses was very happy with me :)

And he managed to date it - so yes, probably the first scan was too early.

This time, he gave me progesterone for the spotting. But I didn't want to take it after reading about synthetic hormones online..

Anyway, after that, I started feeling burpy.. I knew it was the start of morning sickness.. I feared it but it was always reassuring!

Monday, 9 Dec 2013 - 10w1d

And on this day, I regretted not taking the pills - I bled quite a bit and bright red just before I left office :( As I left office, I called the clinic for an urgent appointment the next day.

The bleeding stopped within an hour. I hoped it was just what was causing the spotting coming out...

Tuesday, 10 Dec 2013

What a relief when I saw baby waving at me! :))

Doc said it was probably the placenta moving away from the cervix - it was a little lowlying.

Since everything was fine, I cancelled my appointment the following week and brought forward my genetic testing - we did the MaterniT21 test. Combined with a routine pregnancy blood test, they drew five tubes of blood from me *.*

Oh, doc also spotted something between the legs... We wondered..

Saturday, 14 Dec 2013

Bled again in the morning! :(

Sito went with me to see the doctor and thank goodness, baby was fine! :)

Doc was naughty - baby was sleeping so he used his heartbeat sound on the machine to wake him! Then baby moved a lot! He must be pissed off haha!

I was given a shot of progesterone on my right butt. Doc said it was probably the placenta moving, and if there were no cramps, I should be fine.

At this point, I asked him for his opinion on our India trip - we were ready to cancel it by then - but he thought it fine for me to go so long as I was careful with the water.

I bled a little more the next day but was otherwise fine. Oh, except that the jab site was sore like a bruise. I had fun rubbing it haha!

Tuesday, 17 Dec 2013

Bled on the way to fetch ZK after a movie with Sito - on half-day leave. Sito said the jab had probably worn off. By then I was taking the pill religiously - I listened to the doc and took it for a week. But it didn't prevent the bleeding and the spotting continued. I think it was useless *.*

Friday, 20 Dec 2013 - 11w5d

I had morning sickness through all this drama. No puking at all this time, unlike with ZK, but I was burping crazily everywhere almost all the time. Super unglam. Even though I didn't puke, I don't remember feeling this bad with ZK!!

But today, I thought I was feeling better though I was still burping crazy.

When we were in India, I felt minimal discomfort. Although I felt really bad at some points, it was bearable because Sito was helping a lot.

Saturday, 4 Jan 2014 - 13w6d

Back to the doc for our test results and to see baby - everything was fine, and he waved at us again! And the funny thing was, he was waving like a fortune cat, much like what ZK had been doing whenever he wanted us to bring him around to see things! Like 哥哥, like 弟弟 :)

His boy part is also 100% conspicuous now, as my doc never fails to point out at every visit..

I was still spotting but doc said he wouldn't worry about it. The placenta was getting further from the cervix too.

Tuesday, 28 Jan 2014 - 17w2d

The horrible spotting finally reduced to nothing by the first third of January - sounds a bit weird in English, but it's 上旬 in Chinese :) It came back a little last week but it wasn't as bad as before.

Doc just mentioned briefly that the placenta had moved further away from the cervix - always a good thing!

Baby was very cute again today - he moved a lot :) I made a silly comment and caught myself:

mf: He looks like his brother! Wait, all foetuses look about the same *.*
Doc: Yyyup!

We counted four heart chambers, saw the bladder and even his lips when he arched and opened his mouth at one point - that was something new!

Signed for a package that will last me until delivery. I think I paid that much the last time with ZK, when I went to him at 32 weeks without package *.*


I had a LNY surprise this year - brought a little bump to 拜年 :)

This time, I'm showing waaay earlier. Just checked against my pictures with ZK - I was this big at about 20-21 weeks or maybe more! As early as eight weeks, someone wanted to give me his seat *.* Maybe it was my baby doll top.. But it happened again a couple of weeks later. And on my birthday, I suddenly realised my belly button was looking shallow. So fast?! The last time, it didn't go shallow until past 20 weeks! Sighs.. Loose already *.*

I started from a higher base weight this time - gained 2kg after I stopped breastfeeding ZK :( But my weight gain this time is on track as last time - plus 2kg at about 18 weeks. Hope I don't become heavier than Sito by the end of our pregnancy!

I'm still not out of the woods yet, wrt morning sickness. It's still cunningly lurking somewhere, waiting for a chance to hit me - like when I drink water or tea without milk, or when I get too much saliva in my mouth. I'm not feeling it so much these past three days cos I've been coughing - Sito said morning sickness is secondary and surfaces when there's no primary discomfort - either way, it sucks. I didn't manage to snack much this LNY :(

Despite morning sickness, I keep craving food. Not all the time; only when I smell it - I wanted fried bee hoon after seeing a teacher having it when I sent ZK in; I wanted Macs fries when someone stowed a takeaway on the train; I wanted grilled sausages when I passed by Cold Storage. ... I think I just want food *.*

And in recent days, I've been feeling funny movements inside. First in my left abdomen - I wondered whether it was baby moving or gas/poop moving down my intestine :p Then it was somewhere further in and to the right. I'm hoping to feel clear baby movements soon :)

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  1. Congrats on having a boy again! And you make me feel so guilty! I've not documented anything about Carrot and was just commenting about it to YX the other day ... :(


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