Monday, 3 February 2014

ZK's official daily schedule

I'm very happy to get the circular from school today - it includes his daily schedule!

I already know they sing in school - he's been demanding "heads shoulders knees and toes" almost every day! Now I know why he wants his books before bedtime when he used to reject them. See 3.30 pm :)

7.00 am: Welcoming children, health screening, multi-age integration (all child care kids gather at one house)

8.00 am: Breakfast, assembly time (kids go into their respective classes)

9.00 am: Circle time (see link)

9.30 am: Outdoor activities - motor skills development, environment awareness; water play on Fridays

10.00 am: Refreshment (typically fruits)

10.15 am: English curriculum - language & literacy, numeracy, self & social awareness, aesthetic & creative expression (I've seen ZK's foot prints ^.^)

10.45 am: Chinese curriculum - ditto

11.15 am: Lunch

12.00 pm: Shower time

12.45 pm: Learning corners activities

1.00 pm: Nap time (ZK typically gets real sleepy before that cos he wakes so early)

3.00 pm: Health screening, tea time

3.30 pm: Book appreciation

4.00 pm: Rumble tumble (Mon), indoor activities (Tue), fun with Chinese (Wed), cookery made fun (Thu), groove with me (Fri)

5.00 pm: Learning corners activities (most kids leave by this time)

5.30 pm: Outdoor activities (good, tire them out!)

6.00 pm: Multi-age integration, free choice activities (back at one house to wait for parents)

I also like the emphasis on Chinese - besides daily Chinese lessons, there's also a fun with Chinese on Wednesdays. Chinese is much more difficult to learn. I really don't wish to waste my kids' time and our money on Chinese tuition or enrichment in future! The key is to speak Mandarin to them from young and read Chinese books too. ZK has a lot of angmoh classmates so I won't worry about English at all. In fact, I've been suspecting that he's saying "this is" and "there" when he's pointing to things and replying me on where his pacifier is... Need to test this out..

For now, I'm just happy to know how he's being engaged in school.

The circular also includes the menu which is repeated every four weeks. The cook is a really nice uncle who cooks well. Even the teachers enjoy his food! I'm happy to see the variety and have asked his teachers to alert me if he is picky over certain foods - I hope to offer him similar things at home else he's so picky and usually only wants rice with egg kosong! Although I was pleasantly surprised when he had rice with thinly sliced beef yesterday. Hope it marks an improvement in accepting new tastes!

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