Tuesday, 4 February 2014

LNY weekend!

ZK wishes everyone a happy horse year! :)

Ok, that was the one and only time he's wearing that - save that for his brother two years later :p

We brought him downstairs to walk walk before reunion dinner. He loves the toilet bowl sculpture *.*

Loves washing his hands too..

He also loves making Papa exercise - yes, despite that expression, he was enjoying himself and didn't want to leave!

Finally accepted his angbao during breakfast! But he promptly crumpled it all up. Lucky the money can tahan..

We have a minion in the house! And a busy one at that...

Found our minion in the wardrobe too - so happy cos he had hidden Papa's water bottle and Blackberry behind those clothes! We also found out at night *.*

Grouchy minion in our family shot..

Minion deep in thought..

Minion seems happy!

Minion taking the train..

Sleepy minion...

Sleeping minion... Love that crumpled face :)

Minion loves remote controls...

Love this cute picture of the two kids!

Snacking minion - he had biscuits while we had ice cream ^.^

This was the first LNY that ZK had access to LNY food - he had two egg rolls at Grams' place! He wanted more but two was quite enough... He didn't want much rice though so he had some milk and then some soup and went to bed. We brought Y along so the parents got the chance to eat in peace. The yusheng without fish happened while he was sleeping so we got to lo hei in peace too! Spent a few hours there but he didn't interact much with his peers. hopefully next year he will be more interactive!

Anyway, that was yet another outfit that he would not wear again cos it was already rather short. Ah well, there's always the brother to make better use of it!

The next day, we had to get groceries and brought ZK along. In the lift, we met an elderly Malay uncle who suddenly whipped out an angbao for him! Best, ZK gestured gongxi to him! :)

Went to River Hongbao in the afternoon - the sun was really scorching but thankfully there was a nice breeze. ZK liked the giant Fortune God very much - he kept calling it "yeye"when we said "cai shen ye"!!

We also got some snacks - prawn roll, kebab, pad thai, chin chow and corn potong ice cream. ZK had a little prawn roll by himself, tried the kebab and couldn't wait to have more pad thai and chin chow and ice cream - he seems to be less picky when we eat on the go instead of sitting down!

Papa had a picture taken with the dragons :)

On Sunday, we had day out at Gardens by the Bay with Yan and her family. Just realised we didn't take a group shot! :(

ZK loves touching such things, as usual..

He was very happy in the Flower Dome, running everywhere!

He even walked backwards!

In fact, over the LNY weekend, he took to spinning round and round and walking on tip toe, all the while smiling happily :) Until he fell and knocked his head while spinning *.*

Lion head! Nice furry ball ball...

He suddenly stopped in the middle of nowhere and played with his fingers...

Cloud Forest!

He was so mesmerised by the train... Yup, boy...

Boy was very tired and fell asleep with his pacifier dangling...

When he woke, he became arcade boy!

Back at the lions! This time with 妹妹 :)

There's a new children's gardens so we went to check it out. Found a huge water play area for older kids so we went to the playground for younger kids.

ZK kept staring. We soon found out why - he suddenly reached for her ice cream!!!

Enjoying the slide!

On the bouncing see-saw. He didn't stay there for long. He preferred to climbed onto the platform in the middle of the three bouncing see-saws...

So that's our LNY weekend! It was super tiring but ZK was very happy and high over the weekend so we were very happy too :)

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