Friday, 7 February 2014

Infant care news

Last night, I saw an email from school - that the earliest slot for infant care is in December. But my maternity leave will end in mid October! Nightmare..

Then today, another email - that oh, they missed out one slot, from 2 October. Phew!

But the fees have increased - from $1,500 to $1,700!!! Even with subsidy, I have to pay $1,100 plus GST. And combined with ZK's $900 plus GST, it's over $2,000 every month!


And I did some counting, baby will start school at about three months of age, way earlier than ZK who started at five months. I had to check out ZK's photos at three months to reassure myself that he looked strong enough by then, and less fragile than two months. In fact, he was very chubby then! Hopefully, this baby will be like his brother! :)

Anyway, I'm looking at my leave schedule already, heh... At first I thought I'd take all 16 weeks of maternity leave at once. But with baby in infant care from 2 October, I might as well go back to work the following week instead of resting for two more weeks. Then I can take the two weeks later when Sito has mandatory leave over Christmas. And best, I would then start work on a public holiday - one more free day with my babies! Idea!

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