Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My poor little active baby

Sometimes on the way to and from work, I'll whip out my phone to look at photos of ZK, photos that I've seen many, many time but could never be tired of. But I wonder how many photos I would take of little baby... JT shared with me that she had very few photos of her second child. She said her first was always at a more adorable stage than the second, especially with toddler talk and all.

Poor little baby :(

I'm already not giving him as much attention as I did his brother at this stage. I didn't speak to him as much, I didn't play Mozart to him as much, I didn't record his growth in my belly very much too.

Besides suffering from my neglect, he also has to take abuse from his elder brother. On Sunday, we came across a cute picture of a little girl laughing with a camel or some camel lookalike. ZK liked it and we had a good time laughing with him sitting on my belly *.* I'll put up the video later.

I'm also not eating as well. I think my cooking was a lot healthier in Evanston - I cooked vegetables by only blanching mostly! And I drank so much milk and ate so much cheese and had so much beef. Well, my gynae is not one for dairy or meat but I'm still worried if I'm getting enough calcium and iron this time. Guess if baby is growing well inside, I should not worry. So far so good - at the detailed scan at TMC last Tuesday, he measured average for most things. He was then 346g - cute :)

He was so active during the scan it was really fun to watch and feel his movements at the same time! Actually I felt him moving a lot that morning. During the scan, I realised that he was moving even when I didn't feel it.


The other night lying besides ZK, I felt movements I didn't feel with ZK - as if baby was doing somersaults inside. And I'm feeling constant movements earlier than with ZK - I started feeling baby very clearly since a couple of weeks ago but I didn't feel ZK very clearly until maybe 22 or 23 weeks.

I'm also very poor thing la.. Just when I thought morning sickness was gone, I felt sick this afternoon from drinking water, argh. Nvm, at least it was only for a short while. But I'm quite unlucky. The demise of morning sickness overlapped with my bad cough. And when I thought I could eat after the cough was gone, ulcers came along. And as the ulcers are finally starting to heal, I bit the inside of my left cheek about six times since Sunday - on the same spot!

And I have still not started on applying stretch mark oil... Hope I don't regret this procrastination!

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