Thursday, 13 February 2014

Update on the babies

I'm soooo tired.. Been bringing work home for three nights straight - I'm sooo not used to that since I started on this job. And all for a full-day workshop tomorrow. Yes, my awful Valentine's Day date *.* My most hated words of the month - "presentation" and "facilitation".

On a happier note, and let's start with the big baby, after two evenings of training, today, he was able to drink more of his soup from a little bowl! Still got the front of his shirt wet though. But it was already an improvement - even he knew it cos he was so happy when he managed to drink some soup!

Got the miso soup bowl with cover from Daiso to let him play but it turned out to be very good for his little hands to hold a bowl of soup. Not lest cos he won't break it - he broke an Ikea bowl last month, and this month, one of our two wedding mugs and my make-up mirror which had followed me from AMK suffered the same earth shattering fate.


And he can understand heat and say "hot" recently! I don't quite remember how - was it me who helped me associate that with blowing at food or did he show me? Anyway, on Tuesday when he first used the little bowl, the soup was hot. So I didn't give it to him immediately, telling him that it was hot. He said "hot" and helped to blow at his soup. When it was less hot, he smiled and went on to wet everything...

Even milk. Was it last night or the night before, he wanted more milk after his usual post-dinner 100 ml so we gave him more. He touched it and went "hot"! I really like it when he tells me that, not just cos he can say it but also cos of the look on his face - "it's hot leh.."

And as I type the above, the little baby moved. He may still be moving now but I can't feel it. I think 3 Feb 2014 was when I first felt definite movements. Nowadays, I would be sitting still - it seems to be always when I'm sitting - and suddenly, I would feel this tapping or clicking in the middle towards the cervix. More than once, I was caught off guard cos I was concentrating on something, and I would give a little start. Oh, it's my little one :)

I'm looking really pregnant now. Yesterday on the Circle Line back, a nice lady gave me her seat. When I thanked her just before I reached my station, she said, "It's YOUR seat!" Similarly today on the same line, another nice lady stood up for me and told that I had the right to ask for the seat. And today, I was lucky to have a seat on the North South Line - a Filipino young man offered me his seat - cos I was carrying my laptop and papers for the workshop tmr. I'm usually less lucky on that line..

And speaking of luck, I realised too late that I forgot to buy Toto! And I have no time to do that tmr! Sigh.. Can only dream of $10m...

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