Thursday, 27 February 2014

Random dreams

I've been having many dreams lately.

Once, I dreamt that ZK is grown and overseas somewhere, and somewhat estranged from me :( I went on a tour to his city of residence - it turned out to be like San Francisco - with a young man of around ZK's age and a bunch of aunties. The young man was helping me locate ZK. When I finally managed to speak with ZK on the phone, he sounded irritated, which saddened me. And during the phone, I realised two things: (1) ZK was Superboy - of course, Sito is my Superman! ^.^ (2) The young man was Spiderman!

Hmmm, two of my favourite superheroes.. Which led me to wonder - and I couldn't tell if I was still dreaming or awake by then - whether the young man represented little baby...

Then on another night, I dreamt of this rundown area - somehow near Thomson but looking nothing like Thomson. It looked more than the city in the dream of the protagonist and his wife in Inception, only with much fewer buildings.

Sito and I were at this building. There was a bridge linking to its mirror image. Same development. We found Kel and D on the other side of the bridge. It turned out that that was their new place and they showed us their toilet roll holder, ya... The holder was a strange contraption that seemed pretty complicated. And there was a hole further up the wall to hold an additional roll.

Then the scene cut to Sito and I at our new place, which turned out to be in the same development but at a corner. And we were looking at our toilet roll holder *.*

I think there were other dreams, but these were the two I still remember now. It's strange that sometimes, I would remember my dreams the moment I wake and forget it later, or that I would forget and suddenly remember it on the way to work. The brain works in inexplicable ways...

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