Friday, 21 February 2014

In partial food coma on the sofa

Much as we love ZK, Sito and I also treasure time spent with each other without him. Especially today, cos we didn't get the chance to speak or even see each other much in this week, him returning late and me sleeping early.

Today, the first time since November, we had a baby free dinner. Well, not exactly cos there's one in my belly! ZK-free dinner than :)

We made the reservation two weeks ago. Today, I left office 20 min earlier and bumped into ZK at the first floor. I gave him a minion bag, a leftover from a work event, which he emptied with mush relish while waiting for the lift. I had put my mouthwash and bonjela etc inside.

Dinner for ZK was fried bee hoon - he had two baby bowls of it! He would have had more but I stopped him in case he overate. Played a little with him and sent him to bed with Y by his side. I got changed and went downstairs.

Sito left office late but got there soon after I did. We were having steamboat buffet at Crystal Jade! Had so much food! Including five baskets of xiaolongbao, i.e. 10 little yummies each :p We were so so full.. Just before we left, I wondered out loud if people would think me fat rather than pregnant when we left the restaurant... Sito said the rest of me was still small, so, ya, pregnant :)

We will probably return before July but we will not order the chicken (too chunky) and the beancurd skin (too salty). Even now, I can still feel the salt on my poor ulcers :( Wrong, vicious ulcers, poor me :(

Our next ZK-free time should be Taipei in mid March :) Really looking forward to it though I feel a little bad leaving ZK behind.. Well, just a little :p After all, he literally dumped me at the door when I dropped him off at childcare yesterday - cos he saw the mantou on the table *.*

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