Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My increasingly verbal child

ZK can say so much now! Although I could only understand very little, I find that I'm understanding more and more :)

Last Saturday, he surprised us when he suddenly pointed to his mouth and said "mouth"! Then Monday, he gave me another surprise - he said "bee-ket!" when I said 饼干 :) It wasn't the first bi-syllabic word that wasn't repetitive like "mama"; he could say 电梯 way before that but you've gotta admit that biscuit is more difficult :) *proud mama speaking*

Last week, I got him to say 蛋 when he wanted more omelette at dinner time. On Monday, I taught him to say 要 when he wanted more omelette. And yesterday, when I asked if he wanted more, he said 要! Next step: teach him to 要蛋!!

Just now, he touched my nose. Rather, he grabbed it when my head was near him during milk milk time. So I asked him what it was. He said 鼻子 :) And he could point to the right nose when I asked for his nose and my nose :)

And there's the photo of us on my phone. The first time he saw my new phone, he was alone in the room. I walked in to find him staring at the phone on my bedside table. When he noticed me, he smiled and pointed to the phone. I told him it was my phone. I think he didn't recognise it - it's in a flip case, unlike its predecessor or Papa's phone.

He gingerly flipped the cover open, and stared again. Finally he touched it. Then I told him to press the round button. He did and our picture came on! I pointed out Papa, Mama and ZK. He could call us out but not himself.

Then yesterday, I let him play with my phone again so that we could change his diapers in peace. And this time, he managed to say something like his name! It wasn't accurate but yes, I had no doubt he was trying to repeat his name after me :)

His progress in the past few weeks since he started playgroup was very good. I guess being around more verbal children helps. Now he can say "mouth" and once I thought I heard him say "ice" with his hands near his eyes. See, I don't need to teach him English at all!

And it was not just in speech. In the first couple of days, even though he was still adapting and crying, he managed to touch both shoulders. I guessed they sang head, shoulders, knees and toes in school and I was right - found a communication booklet in his bag that weekend that told us that they were teaching body parts, family and "me". The following weekend, he could point to his knees and toes, and he kept stooping - very cute :) We have been putting the song on repeat on Youtube for the past few weekends. He loves it :) But he also wanted people to do the knees and toes thing with him, which was very siong!!

I was chatting with A in office just now and she was sharing with me funny conversations she had with her granddaughters. I can't wait to have proper kiddy conversations with my little boy :) Oh, and sing with him without the actions :)

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