Monday, 9 December 2013

My little ZK

The teachers at IFC often told me how ZK fought with other babies in school. Actually, fighting is probably the wrong term; he is just rough. He pulled at a younger girl, causing her to fall. He's also quite a tyrant. He made an older girl downstairs cry when he took her toy away. When an older boy came up to the infant room one Saturday, he chased him around the room.

But there's always a hierarchy in life and it's no different at the baby stage. Sophia, just two days younger but 5kg heavier (!), would pull at him and of course he would lose! The girl is 50% heavier!

I like to hear such stories from the teachers. I like to hear how he "wins". I also like to hear how he "loses". I think he needs to understand he's not always going to win. 有赢有输嘛。Especially now that he's the only child, it's even more important for him to know that the universe doesn't revolve around him.

I often see and hear parents refer to their child as the prince or princess, or some other revered titles. I think it's unhealthy. It creates an impression that everyone bows to the child, which shouldn't be the case. Perhaps I'm being extreme, and sensible children will understand and not be spoilt, but looking at teenagers these days, I can't help but worry.

That's why I always call ZK by name or my baby. He's the world to me and I'll make sure he understands that without growing up thinking that the world revolves around him.

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